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For the 2016 Season, we are proud to offer the following 2 magnificent Stallions at stud;



$1000 Live Cover/Chilled     15.1hh@3yo EE Aa Tt

A well coloured, Tobiano stallion, compact & athletic with fantastic action, impeccable temperament, & excellent feather. Available by Live Cover or Chilled semen. Cowboy is a proven producer, having sired 2 cracking coloured colts with superb temperament in 2015!  Ideal to produce F2 drum horses, or athletic sport horses

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Dam: Southern Cross Glamour GIrl    Sire: Minstrel Gypsy Cob



$1000 Live Cover ONLY     17.0 EE aa Gg Tt

Rocky is the only 17hh Drum Stallion in Australia, he has a solid compact build, beautiful movement, and masses of long silky hair and feather! Rocky has a super soft gentle temperament, he absolutely loves attention, and is a solid and sensible working horse. Rocky is a gentleman to hand serve, and has achieved +ve pregnancy on his first attempts. We are extremely excited to be welcoming 3 Drum foals in the 2016 season. Rocky is owned by Terrors Creek Drum Horses in QLD, and we are proud to be standing him in NSW for the 2016 season.

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Dam: Skys Limit Tax Drum    Sire: King Rocky Gypsy



Please enjoy looking at the Magnificent Stallions we have used in our breeding program !


Sire: Sooty TT    Grandsire: Davey Wards Black Stallion     Dam: The Rapunzel Mare (with baby Prophet)

Proven producer of beautifully coloured, conformationally correct foals. Prophet has masses of feather, beautiful temperament, and genuinely good movement, he is a guaranteed colour producer. Owned by Lisa Buckley - Elite Traditional Gypsy Cobs We have been Extremely fortunate to stand Prophet here for the 2015 season, he has been a gentleman for our own mares, and those visiting. While here we have continued to work Prophet under saddle, and also start him in harness, he has a marvellous willing, and work oriented nature, a true family horse. Very sad to see him go home to his mum, back to Vic ! We are really looking forward to seeing some cracking F1 foals from Blossom and Clippity in 2016! His first filly for us 2013 Tarmac Sweet Gemma is maturing beyond our expectations!

Purebred Gypsy Cob : Standing 14.1hh : EeAaTT : AGHS Reg

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Sire: Wimballan Harkers Geordie     Dam: Arcadian Tinkerbell (Arcadian Bella x Arcadian Cahirmee)


We have been extremely lucky to stand Apollo at stud for the 2014 Breeding season, and are pleased to announce we have had 2 lovely Apollo foals in 2015, Amazon & Antheia both lovely bay tobiano fillies! A unique foundation drum, Apollo has high Gypsy % and lovely type. This boy has presence, sass and amazing movement! Sadly our lease is up and he is back with his mum who missed him very much, and now standing at stud in Stanthorpe QLD !

3/4 gypsy cob 1/4 clydesdale : standing 14.3hh at 3yo : TT Aa Ee : AGHS IDHA Dual Reg


THE WELSH TORNADO Gypsy Cob Imp Netherlands ICS 1st Premium Star Stallion

Owned by Mountain Park Gypsy Cobs QLD     http://www.gypsycobs.com.au/

We have spent a long time looking for the perfect Gypsy cob sires for the beginnings of our drum program, and wow is this boy magnificent! We love his excellent proportions, strong build, short back, thick neck, abundance of feather and his sweet and gentle temperament. He is DNA proven to the Producer and his grandsire is the legendary Roadsweeper. The Welsh Tornado stands 14.1 hh and is TT.

He had not long been in Australia when Rosie visited him for a walk on walk off service, and he was an absolute gentleman to hand serve! We thank Maryanne and Adam of Mountain Park Gypsy Cobs for our very first drum filly, a bay and white filly, born Nov 2013 "Tarmac Poppy Pickpocket" The Welsh Tornado certainly put his stamp on this little lady, she has superb build, lots of colour, and a very pretty head. See her on our foals page!



Owned by Lisa Holt      Elite Traditional Gypsy Cobs

We were lucky to come across The Prophet, who was recommended to us by another breeder, and boy are we glad we did! An absolutely stunning Gypsy Cob, with excellent correct confirmation and a magical, friendly cheeky nature!

We took Ruby for a service and he was an absolute dream to deal with, an extremely polite gentleman, who has produced an absolute cracker black and white filly for us "Tarmac Sweet Gemma" She has lovely long legs, lots of quality feather and excellent colouring. We thank Lisa for this superb mating!!


VALMONT PEGASUS Registered Clydesdale CCHS 7525 (Life Cert)

s. Dillars Benedictine    d. Valmont Simplicity

Owned by Paul & Lisa Cooper      Oscarville Clydesdale Stud

Pegasus was kindly leased to us by Paul and Lisa of Oscarville stud, after the loss of our colt, Oscarville Solomon, Pegasus exceeded our expectations in every way. Pegasus was an absolute gentleman to either hand or paddock serve, and easy to handle in every way. Pegasus has been a successful show horse and sired some excellent Clydesdale foals. He was the perfect stallion to help us begin breeding, and sired some lovely Clydesdale foals for us in 2010 and 2011.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OSCARVILLE SOLOMON Registered Clydesdale CCHS 8576 dec.

s. Valmont Pegasus    d. Dakota Tameika

We were extremely lucky to purchase Solly as a beautiful colt and future stallion prospect, he was an unbelievably friendly, confident and trainable boy, who genuinely enjoyed being with us all the time. Solly was the first foal we had the pleasure to train and handle, and he certainly gave us an education! He brightened the lived of everyone he met, and although we only had our beautiful boy for a short time, he had a wonderful life and enjoyed quite a few shows;

1st Clydesdale Colt & Reserve Champion St Helliers Heavy Horse Field Day 2009
1st Stallion Woolbrook Heavy Horse Field Day 2009
1st Heavy Horse Stallion Casino Show 2009

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