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 AGHS Reg Grey (Black) and White Tobiano Drum Stallion

Sire - King Rocky (Gypsy Cob)  Dam - Sky Limit's Tax (Drum) - 17hh at 8yo

62.5% Shire 37.5% Gypsy

EEaaTtGg Owned by Terrors Creek Drum Horses QLD B. Leonard

Rocky is an extremely impressive and majestic stallion, he is a true drum, standing an impressive 17hh with a broad chest and solid build, he has a long flowing mane, and tail, masses of feather and a beautiful refined head. He is a lovely shape with beautiful self carriage and good movement.

Rocky is a true working horse, willing, calm and extremely friendly. He will do absolutely anything for a good scratch and a pat, and will hang out with you all day. Rocky is lovely in harness, with a very laid back non-spooky nature, and is always keen to please.

Rocky has been a pleasure to hand serve, even learning later in life, all about the birds and the bees he hasn't missed a beat, we have 3 confirmed pregnancies to Rocky, (all 3 took on the first go) Rosie, Dawn & Geisha, and are really looking forward to seeing his first babies! Rocky can sire black based foals, with a 50% chance of being tobiano and a 50% chance of greying out.

Rocky will be available in 2016 to select mares by Live Cover (Walk on Walk off ONLY) Mare minimum Height 16hh, as he is a very big heavy boy. $1000

Please enjoy lots of photos of Rocky, below, as a youngster and now, we hope you can see what a stellar nature he has, and what a big part of our family he is, and just how much, his owner, and us love the big fellow!

Baby Rocky, iiu from the USA, his owner Belinda extremely pleased to see this handsome young man!



   Please contact us for more details    02 6566 8452    courtney@tarmacheavyhorses.com.au