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The backbone of any good breeding program are it's mares, the greatest stallion in the world is of no use unless you have a good enough mare that can make the most of him. Our girls have been carefully selected to pass on the best nature,  conformation and type to the next generation. Very rarely does one tick all the boxes, we hope that by carefully selecting our matings, we will make the best of them, and better in their progeny.

I am extremely proud to say that we have been present for every single foaling on our property all of our mares have our support and help if needed, and our foals are handled from birth, to ensure they are confident, polite, partners to work with, in the future.



s. The Prophet ImpUK   d. Alanbrae Ruby

 Gemma,F1 Drum Filly, tall and leggy, on a broad hoof, with an ample, well muscled body, abundant hair and feather, excellent markings, and stunning flashy movement. Gemma is everything we want in the first generation of drums, a truly athletic horse, with a beautiful nature. She has shown herself to be an extremely keen and kind filly, to work with, always friendly and confident, she has already travelled far and wide across NSW, and QLD to shows, in 2014, & 2015 where she has excelled. we really look forward to Gemma's future, under saddle, in harness, and eventually breeding the next generation!








s. Southern Cross Major    d. Muwarra Black Opal


Abby, is a lovely big Shire mare, with flashy action, she has an extremely soft, sensible, and easygoing nature. She is an absolute dream to work with, and really loves to be with us, joining in and doing something! Abby is now going beautifully in harness, and has successfully competed in long rein and slide events, and we have been on some lovely cart rides around the farm. Abby will add good height, and lovely sensible nature to our drum horse program.

Aby is in foal to Mountain Park Apollo - F1Drum foal Due Oct 2015








s. Valmont Pegasus    d. Alanbrae Rose


Dawn is the first Clydesdale we bred, and we have enjoyed raising her from the very beginning! Dawn has a soft, gentle nature, is extremely clever, and a joy to work with!  Dawn is well put together, with excellent proportions, a good solid bottom and lovely back legs. She has a good sound foot and is nice and broad across the chest. Dawn has recently been started under saddle and is going absolutely beautifully. We enjoy showing Dawn, and participating in clincs.

Dawn is in foal to Mountain Park Apollo - Drum foal Due July 2015







s. Aarunga Scottish Design   d. Aarunga Gina

Blossom is a beautiful tall, leggy girl with lovely movement, and a gorgeous temperament. Blossom is an absolute pleasure to work with, and looks after me well in saddle. With excellent breeding and a family tree full of show winners, we expect big things from Blossom, and so far she has absolutely delivered, taking 1st led Mare, and Reserve Clydesdale, in a big class at the St Heliers Heavy Horse Field day 2014. Blossom will add good height, flashy action, and her genuine, willing nature, to our drum program. Blossom has taken to working in the slide like a duck to water, and has competed with Daniel successfully in a number of long rein and slide events at ag shows. Bloss has delivered a beautiful appendix Shire Filly, by Oakridge Speculator 20/1/2015 !







s. Acle Duke   d. Dakota Kiesha

Geisha is a stunning, big appendix shire mare. She has a lovely build, well muscled with an impressive neck and rump, and a very nice length of body. Geisha has an extremely soft sweet nature, and would like to live in the house if the door ways were big enough !! Geisha has successfully bred some amazing Shire foals, at Southern Cross Farms, and we think she is just ideal, for producing F1 foals ! We have shown Geisha a few times with much success, including, winning for the second time, Champion Shire Mare at the National Shire Show 2015. We were very proud to receive the Hillmoor Perpetual Trophy, with Geishas success 2 years prior engraved on it!

Geisha will be put in foal this season for a 2016 F1 baby







s. Myrtle Park SkyHi    d. Morava Park Princess

Rosie is my special soul mate horse, we get along like a house on fire, 2 big clumsy oafs the pair of us! After a fall I had lost all confidence in riding, and Rosie helped me get back into the saddle, it has been a long slow road, and she has been the most patient and willing mount, always trustworthy, and with more whoa than go. Rosie has good proportions, lovely well set back legs and a very pretty head and expression. She has lovely big friendly foals and passes onto them, her unflappable nature! Rosie has had some amazing foals for us, her first being Dawn.

Rosie is in foal to Terrors Creek the Best Man - F2 Drum foal Due Sep 2015







s. Bewholme Edward   d. Mingara Scarlett Rose


Savannah is a lovely Shire filly, beautifully bred, and very well put together. She is well developed with great proportions, a lovely size hoof, and perfectly set back legs. Savannah has lovely movement and action, and the most friendly, smoochy temperament, she genuinely wants to be with us, whatever we are doing! We look forward to Savannah breeding some lovely drum babies, and can't wait to get on and ride her!









s. Valmont Pegasus    d. Naviyak Miss Lizzy

Clippity is a miracle foal, her dam, Lizzy was not supposed to be in foal after sustaining a serious tear during serving. After a long recovery, Lizzy spent nearly a year as our saddle and driving horse, instead of broodmare duties, but we decided to get a full internal done as the next breeding season neared to see if it would be possible to breed from her, BIG surprise when the vet found our beautiful little filly in there!!! Clippity is an absolute cracker, with a lovely apple bum, thick neck and nice short back and moves absolutely beautifully. Clippity is an extremely athletic girl with lots of impulsion, she loves to move!







ALANBRAE RUBY CCHS 17808 16.2hh EeAa

s. Myrtle Park SkyHi    d. Menagerie Manor Crystal


Gorgeous Ruby, beautiful Clydsedale mare, with a lovely big build, and amazing action, had some beautiful foals for us, including the lovely, Tarmac Sweet Gemma. Ruby is expecting a drum foal, and enjoying retirement in luxury with a lovely herd of horses, in VIC with Margaret.


s. Kintyre Gilbert    d. Stoodleigh Glen Heather


Sweet Lizzie, a gorgeous big Clydesdale mare, with loads of presence and the sweetest nature, a lovelymoving mare, and a real treat to ride! Lizzie had a lovely filly for us, Tarmac Lady Lizzie, before retiring to the Hunter with Pam and Tony, where she enjoyed a wonderful life with a herd of heavies, before sadly passing.


s. Box Valley Chancellor   d. Beereega Caudelia

Big Meg was a lovely heavy girl, with the softest kindest nature, Meg had the most lovely feather and huge feet! we were delighted when Meg had a gorgeous colt for us, that we retained as a working gelding, Marmaduke, and heartbroken when Meg passed to Cancer, and then Marmaduke to Colic, we really miss these two old souls, and hope they are together again in horsey heaven.