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What is a Drum Horse?  For Sale

Hi and welcome to Tarmac Heavy Horses !

Some years ago now, we found a love of all things heavy and hairy! We began with beautiful Clydesdales, we soon began showing and breeding. One thing led to another, and we have also become hooked on the Majestic Shire, the Stunning Gypsy Cob, and the culmination of these 3 breeds together, the Magical Drum Horse.

We enjoy showing, breeding, natural horsemanship, and starting our feathered friends in harness and under saddle.

Our aim is to be a boutique breeder of quality Clydesdale, Shire and Drum horses with sound body and mind, horses with personality and pizazz for all the family to enjoy. We have a lot of fun with our hairy friends!! Our foals are handled from birth and started so they will be confident partners in life.

We hope you like looking at our horses please don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you

We are located on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia

Courtney Collins

Collombatti - New South Wales

02 6566 8452



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